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Stop! Breathe! Relax!

Let’s take a moment and calmly think about this buzzword of the moment….year…or maybe too long for you to even remember when it all started.

There are many perceptions about this “state of being”.

What most people will concur with, is that stress is not a pleasant feeling …. Although, some may thrive on it to get tasks done, or use as an “excuse” not to focus on being present or in control, or at the top of their game.

Some notes about Stress:

These feelings and effects vary with each person (as well as the animal and plant communities)

Stress can be acute, or long-standing/chronic; emotional, physical, mental…combo;

Stress can show up in people in ways such as a short-tempered; anxiety; sleeplessness; lower immune function; digestion issues and irritable bowel disease; hives; shingles/herpes, viral; low energy/hyper-activity; over-eating; addictions – of many types.

Most people keep plugging along, trying to handle the stressor, in hopes it will somehow go away or lessen.

Well, let’s see some ways to holistically and naturally lessen the response to stress.

First of all, awareness is key - paying attention to how this is showing up as well as the trigger - where is it coming from.

Is this a situation/feeling/perspective/detrimental behavior/association you can change or modify?

Look at, and incorporate, various Lifestyle Modifications to ease the stress, and support your health and well-being.

Here are some recommendations:

Enlist a Coach! (Integrative Wellness Alliance has coaches matched to your needs and goals.)

Breathe, meditate, yoga, journal, …a daily ritual with herbal tea, essential oil in a bath, walk in the garden…

Eat (and tea, herbal tea) healthy choices with cooked vegetables and lean proteins.

Say or write what/who you are grateful/thankful for.

Acupuncture or energy practitioner sessions to balance and restore.

Volunteer, and get time away from your own issues.

Color; paint; cook; garden; go fishing; play ball; play with your pet/child (niece/nephew)….

Regular aerobic exercise.

How about incorporating sit-ups, leg-lifts or squats while watching t.v., or listening to a webinar? (as long as you can be present with both simultaneously)

Regular sleep schedule – which we have all heard before…turn off the devices ample time before your appropriate sleep time. It’s a perfect time to journal, breathe, meditate, listen to relaxing music, say your prayers and gratitudes. Envision and (feel) what your goals and dreams look like.

If you feel overwhelm, then just make it simple. Envision and feel yourself waking up smiling, because you are alive and able to get out of bed, see your loved ones, or give a stranger a smiling “good morning”. Maybe you will think of a favorite song from years ago, one you danced to or belted out the words -- which you will ask your device to play! (loudly?)

I tell you one thing, I have had what I created/perceived as a “stress” to get an article written.

It’s done! Here it is! Ahh, accomplishments can be very fulfilling…if we look at these tasks as something that can be creative, heartfelt, fun, self-expression, and focused on when the timing feels right!


Stress - Acubalance


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