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Hepatika V5 - Liver Detoxifer & Cleanse Supplement


Hepatika V5 supports a healthy liver and digestive function. A healthy liver/gallbladder system is key to overall wellness. This pharmaceutical grade product enhances liver detoxification and digestive function.

When the liver/gallbladder is “congested” or sluggish, such symptoms arise such as bloating, slow digestion, low back or sciatic pain, headaches, tendon pain, irritability, poor sleep patterns.

The ingredients are therapeutic agents, useful in a number of conditions related to liver dis-ease, including alcohol induced damage and metal intoxication.

Hepatika is a natural blend, developed by Naturopathic Doctor Richard Clement, and manufactured in an FDA approved facility. (since 2002, no side effects or adverse effects have been reported).


Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin); Curcuma (anti-inflammatory; seems to be a strong anti-cancer in many digestive instances); Artichoke (kidney drainage, antibacterial, antifungal); Boldo (anti-colitis, antioxidant); Alpha Lipoic Acid (decreases toxicants and increases glutathion levels)

These symptoms are alleviated, and the liver/gallbladder is naturally soothed and detoxed.

Patients love it!!

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